Austin Matthews

Austin Matthews is the Managing Editor of He has spent the past seven years covering a variety of sports (mostly from a betting perspective), including basketball, football, golf, tennis and baseball, for multiple online entities.

Austin has a passion for numerous sports, but American football and basketball are at the top of his list. He officially became a hoops junkie in the nineties when Michael Jordan and the Bulls dominated the NBA landscape.

Austins first basketball related article, titled ‘A History of Madness’, was published in 2008. The piece detailed the rise of the NIT and NCAA Tournaments and their special place in American sports.

Austin’s Favorite Basketball Moments:

  • The Bulls 4-0 sweep of the Pistons in the 1991 Eastern Conference Finals and subsequent destruction of the Lakers in the NBA Finals.
  • Watching the original Dream Team’s rock star tour of Barcelona. And, of course, their winning the gold medal.
  • Every playoff series where MJ’s Bulls defeated the Knicks.
  • When Jordan hit ‘The Shot” over the Cavs’ Craig Ehlo in the 1989 NBA Playoffs.
  • Jordan’s return from ‘retirement’.
  • The Dallas Mavericks 4-2 win over the Miami Heat in the 2011 NBA Finals.

Yes, Austin was/is a Michael Jordan fan.

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Brock Ryder

I have a long history with sports dating back to high school sports all the way up through college. I have a passion for Basketball, Football, Hockey, Baseball, Golf, Tennis, and Olympics. My favorite time of the year for sports is May, when the NBA and NHL playoffs are on. Sports overload!

Most memorable moments watching NBA:

The six time Champion Chicago Bulls era

Shaq and Kobe LA Lakers

LeBron James with the Miami Heat

Allen Iverson Torches the Lakers for 48 Points in the 2001 NBA Finals

Michael Jordan “The Shrug”

MJ “The Flu Game”

Reggie Miller Scores 8 Points in 8.9 Seconds


My greatest sport memory has been watching Tiger Woods career. From winning the U.S. Amateur Championship to joining the PGA Tour and announcing “Hello World”. Watching his record shattering 1997 Masters win, which they had to lengthen the course to make it harder for him, so did every other course on the Tour.

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Guy Foster

Growing up with a dad who loved sports, it did not take Guy Foster long to develop an affinity for all things athletic. Young Foster often neglected convenience store sweets in favor of trading cards and he spent his formative years scouring box scores in the local paper.

Foster turned his passion for basketball into a vocation five short years ago, writing game pieces for a sports information website. Foster has a special place in his heart for the NBA and his beloved Lakers.

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Jackson Miller

Jackson Miller has been involved in the sports gaming industry for over eight years, writing and collecting information for odds makers and handicappers alike.

Miller has a keen interest in sports analytics — particularly as they relate to the NBA — and is an avid fan of both the Oklahoma City Thunder and Kansas Jayhawks.

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Bill McCollum

Bill has more than a decade of writing for various magazines, websites, and blogs. Growing up with a family of hardcore basketball fans, it was natural for him to develop an affinity for the sport.

He used to cover collegiate basketball games when he wrote for a university student paper and a popular sports website. Once, he also coached a junior division team in his hometown.

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